Data: Income level based on county birthplace in Iowa

This map shows the percentage of people who make revenue in Iowa based on counties, and includes salary amount  ranges for each county.

Public Assistance Income for Households

This map shows the percentage of households in Iowa counties that need assistance for income purposes.

Data: Individuals under the age of 18

From Katie Grassi:

My heat map is showing the number of individuals under the age of 18 in each county in Iowa. The darker areas show a larger population of children and the lighter areas indicate a much smaller population of children in those counties.

Data: Place of birth by individual income

From Becca Fisher:

This map shows the place of birth by individual income in Iowa counties.

Data: Sex of children under 5 years old

From Kelby Robb:

This map shows the total population of sex of children under 5 years old in Iowa counties.

Data: Cities where women, men are more employed

From Jake Bemis:
A story to use from this graph is the locations where the women are more employed than the men. That is not something you so often, so it would be an interesting topic to write about.

Breakdown of Iowa counties by sex: Males vs. Females

When creating this map I did not take into account the amount of people in Polk county drastically throwing off the representation. Also, when I merged the two data sets, the percentage column got lost. I believe I merged the wrong spreadsheet (the one I downloaded, not the one that I had altered).