Final project information

Here’s a quick run-through of what your final project will include (from the syllabus):

Students will be split into groups of three-four, with each group responsible of telling a story about UNI and/or Cedar Falls. Students have free range to pick a topic beyond that but each topic has to be approved by the instructor.

Each project must include three elements: A print story, a multimedia supplement and a data visualization. The print story will need to be based on data. For instance, crime trends or poverty in Cedar Falls would be great story ideas with lots of data to back them up.

Students cannot use data that we used as examples in class. For instance, groups cannot do a story on crime data in Cedar Falls, gas prices in the U.S. or the number of Iowa citizens born in the U.S.

The print story will need to be at least 300 words.

The multimedia supplement can be either a video or podcast to go with the story.

The data visualization should be a creative way to show the data behind the story, whether it is a map, a graph or a table.

Due dates:

Oct. 28: Your topic, multimedia and data visualization ideas need to be approved by me. We will discuss them after class.

(10 points)

Nov. 18: Rough draft is due. This should include:

– Three paragraphs on what the story will be about

– A spreadsheet (or partial spreadsheet) of the data behind the story

– A paragraph on what you want to accomplish with your multimedia and data visualization elements.

(10 points)